Welcome to KW Legacy

Good friends, greater deeds

We seek to provide meaningful financial support to other charitable organizations within our community whose aim is to improve the lives of those in need

Providing meaningful financial support to the future leaders in our community in their pursuit of post-secondary education through donations to qualified donees, mainly to educational institute foundations in our community.

Seeking out and funding other charitable organizations who are knowledgeable and experienced in providing services and support to those in need.

Using our network and skills to lead fundraising activities with the sole intention of supporting our donations to other charitable organizations.


KW Legacy Initiatives


Deliver meaningful scholarships to deserving graduates in the Region

All KW Legacy scholarships are facilitated by KW Legacy making a donation to the educational institute foundation (must be a  “qualified donee”) of the recipients’ choice.  Those donations are then passed directly from the qualified donee to the recipient


Provide meaningful financial assistance to charities in our community that focus on Mental Health

In the past, our donations have supported the efforts of the Waterloo Regional Suicide Prevention Council. Their aim is to “increase awareness of and engagement in suicide prevention within our community and ultimately reduce suicide and its impact”.


An initiative focused on subsidized housing

In 2019 Legacy is investigating a new initiative focused on subsidized housing. Legacy will be working with local companies to invest in a program where funds donated/raised will support the building of new infrastructure (or existing) to house those in need.  

A legacy is what your life leaves behind.
For us this is the beginning of our legacy.

We are a group of friends who have benefited from growing up in this amazing community.

We are KW Legacy.

To us, a legacy is something handed down for the greater good.

We are a group of friends who have benefited from growing up in this amazing community. We now live, work, play and are raising families here. The goal of KW Legacy is to leverage the connections of our members to support people who are looking for ways to make our community an even better place to live.

If you have interest in learning more about KW Legacy please contact us at info@kwlegacy.ca

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