KW Legacy Poker was born in the dark days of COVID. At a time when our sponsor partners were suffering and our in-person events were being postponed we challenged ourselves to come up with an alternative event as a way to continue supporting our initiatives.

KW Legacy Poker

On Thursday, May 25, KW Legacy ( will be holding a poker tournament in support of Farwell4hire/Cystic Fibrosis and Men’s Mental Health as well as our local sponsors. 

Half the proceeds will go to both Farwell4hire/Cystic Fibrosis and Men’s Mental Health and the other half will go to the prize pool. The prize pool will be used to purchase Legacy sponsor gift cards. The top winner(s) will be given a choice on what gift cards they want to receive.

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KW Legacy Poker was developed true to our core values

KW Legacy Poker was developed true to our core values: to raise awareness/funds for deserving charities, to support our sponsors who have supported us from day one, and to create a fun event that provides our participants with a great experience. With 4 tournaments since inception in May 2020, KW Legacy Poker continues to grow and has raised almost $32,000 for deserving local charities … and more to come!

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