About KW Legacy

Who We Are

Our History

KW Legacy was formed in 2014 with the goal of using its founder’s networks and skills to accelerate start-up charitable initiatives in the community and leave a lasting legacy in the Waterloo Region. Legacy’s first initiative Golf For Scholarships has raised over $630,000 and after June 2022 will have distributed over 75 scholarships to deserving students within Waterloo Region. Legacy Scholarship recipients enrich the lives of others by demonstrating elite community leadership skills. KW Legacy continues to work with scholarship recipients in a mentoring role with this year’s 2022 winners being announced in June 2022.  

Our second initiative, Top Home Chefs, an annual gala dinner cooking contest held in late April each year at St. George Hall in Waterloo has raised $90,000 in 2 years with funds raised supporting Waterloo Region Suicide Prevention Council.

KW Legacy recently announced a 3rd initiative focused on local housing and the 4th initiative on men’s mental health.  Please see the Legacy initiatives section on the website for more information.

Our mission

We seek to provide meaningful financial support to other charitable organizations within our community whose aim is to improve the lives of those in need.

Our Vision

Leave a lasting Legacy in our community.

Our values

1. Give back to the community in which we live.
2. Improve the lives of those in need.
3. Empower others to leave a significant and sustainable legacy.
4. Target local, starter initiatives with passion and good causes.
5. Mentor future generations.
6. Enable and leverage our network and friends to achieve greater deeds.

Governing Board Members

Bill Lawlor
Bill Lemon
Chris Kelly
Craig Nickel
Dan Sajkowski
Darcy Mintz
Darrell Husk
Dave Kalbfleisch
David Vrolyk
Darren Denomme
Denise Kelly
Derek Hamilton
Jeff May
Jeff Miller
Joe Benninger
Kelly Denomme
Lisa Ball
Michael Cherevaty
Mike Denomme
Pat Targosz
Paul Brown
Peter Kalbfleisch
Rhonda Cherevaty
Scott Jordan
Scott Lackenbauer
Sean Doherty
Scott Denomme
Susan Denomme
Willy Schill

Advisory Board Members

Chair – Sean Doherty
Vice-Chair – Lisa Ball
Treasurer – Scott Lackenbauer
Secretary – Darren Denomme
Director – Mike Denomme
Director – Derek Hamilton


Brian Denomme

Brian Denomme was a driving force behind the beginning and growth of KW Legacy.  Brian’s vision and friendship inspired like minded friends and family to invest in his dream to improve the conditions of the Waterloo Region community we were so lucky to be raised in.

His complete devotion to the work and his community and the belief that a group of friends can make a difference continue to guide our thinking as KW Legacy.  Brian’s passion for service, leadership, and friendship lives on in the work of KW Legacy and in the hearts of all the members.